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What's New in mobi.Route?

New Look

mobi.Route has a new face! The user interface has been updated into three different sections when entering your plan details. There are now separate pages to enter driver details, planned visits, and plan settings.

Customize Drivers

Now you can specify the start/end locations, shifts, and allowable overtime for each driver. So, if some drivers start their day from home while other drivers start from the branch, you can use the customize drivers features to have plans created based on the individual drivers locations.

Here's how to customize your drivers:

  • Populate the driver default section.
  • Then click the on/off switch near the top on the first page of mobi.Route, which will open and auto-populate the driver details with the default driver.
  • Enter all drivers that are working for the day into the driver details section.
  • Specify their start/end location, shift, and allowable overtime.
  • Click the button to Enter Planned Visits.

Compare Plans

You know to set a plan goal (minimize distance, minimize late time, balance distance and late time), but now you can compare the results of each goal before choosing the best plan that fits your business need the most.