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In mobi.Resource, you can now create set driver shifts that can then be used to quickly assign standard availability to all of your drivers. Then, you simply have to manage any modifications to their standard shifts to improve your planning process.

So what exactly does a driver shift consist of? Standard shifts include the days of the week a driver works on and the hours they work each day. For example, a standard shift might be Monday thru Friday from 8am to 5pm. However, you also have the ability to modify shifts, such as setting a driver to work 8am to 5pm on Monday thru Thursday, and getting of early on Fridays.

To create a driver shift:

Click on the Drivers button in mobi.Resource, and then click on the Shifts tab where you will see an Add button. After you have created your shifts, you can assign them to drivers by editing the drivers and selected the shift from the drop down list.